CUZO quantum

The CUZO quantum chair was designed for demanding ground anglers who value comfort during long-term use. Its frame is made of aluminum profiles, thanks to which it weighs 8.20 kg. The system of independent vertical legs with a diameter of 36 mm helps to maintain stability in the event of greater overloads. In addition, a spirit level has been installed that allows the proper positioning of the chair. The mattress is made of the highest quality, extremely durable materials that ensure comfort during each session. The whole creates a compact and easy-to-use fishing seat. A great advantage is the fact that the chair is sold together with a bag which makes it easier to transport it to the fishing spot. An additional asset is the possibility of attaching a carrying strap directly to the chair. The entire structure is made of a strong polyester fabric, reinforced at the bottom with waterproof rubber

Technical specification

  • Głębokość
  • Szerokość
  • Wysokość do siedziska
  • Wysokość oparcia
  • Waga
  • Dopuszczalne obciążenie
  • Wymiary po złożeniu
  • Konstrukcja
  • Materiały
  • 480 mm
  • 460 mm
  • max 80 cm
  • 630 mm
  • 8,20 kg
  • 140 kg
  • 83/62/25
  • Aluminiowa
  • Materac poliestrowy, wodoodporny wypełniony pianką

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