CUZO F3 Method Feeder

The F3 CUZO chair has been designed for ground anglers who fish with the Feeder Method. Its frame is constructed of aluminum profiles, so the weight does not exceed 6.5 kg. The backrest is equipped with an adjustable hinge that allows you to change its angle of inclination, which significantly increases the comfort of many hours of fishing. Another advantage of this model are the ø25mm telescopic legs. The height of each of them can be adjusted separately. The level included in the set enables precise positioning of the chair. In addition, the legs are equipped with a 3/8 ″x20 threaded insert, which allows additional accessories to be installed. Our Method Feeder chair has an exceptionally thick mattress that makes fishing many hours more enjoyable. There is a possibility of attaching a footrest – platform.

Technical specification

  • Głębokość
  • Szerokość
  • Wysokość do siedziska
  • Wysokość oparcia
  • Waga
  • Dopuszczalne obciążenie
  • Wymiary po złożeniu
  • Konstrukcja
  • Materiały
  • 480 mm
  • 460 mm
  • 250-650 mm
  • 620 mm
  • 6,5 kg
  • 120 kg
  • 700 x 250 x 800 mm
  • Aluminiowa
  • Materac poliestrowy, wodoodporny wypełniony pianką

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