Asortyment turystyczno-wędkarski

Armchair FK5

It is an outdoor & fishing chair for demanding users who value comfort & convenience. The chair is equipped with a rigid and durable frame, a comfy wide Seat and an adjustable Backrest that can be set in a lying position. Each leg can be individually adjusted which makes the chair suitable for use on uneven or slanting terrain. Legs have wide feet which prevent the chair from sinking into damp or soft ground.

The chair is also equipped with a legrest mounting system and very comfortable armrests covered with durable foam. Similar to previous models, the mattress is made of high-quality waterproof material but additionally it boasts a comfortable foam headrest covered with nice fleece fabric.

All the improvements & features of FK5 make it an ideal choice for these long fishing trips.

Technical specification

  • Depth
  • Width
  • Backrest height
  • Seat  height
  • Weight
  • Headrest thickness
  • Max. weight
  • Dimensions when folded
  • Construction
  • 500 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 470 mm
  • 8,8 kg
  • 60 mm
  • 150 kg
  • 700 x 300 x 700 mm
  • Steel construction

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